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Looking at the human mind, how the people have changed their lives , imagination is a vessel that can take you anywhere that you desire. Human beings in their relations and their being need to express themselves and art is a way through which they open up to the world. Since the dawn of man, art was still in existence but very raw being that men had brains that had not advanced that much. Art and craft is that one thing that settles with almost all diverse human cultures in existent. Art finds way to speak with and among people in a way no language or words can. Art is defined by the artist and by the audience and therefore some define art as music, spoken word, paintings , glass blowing and carving e.t.c

In the recent times, a new form of art, glass blowing has come up and taken the world by storm . When we mold and blow glass, we bend it to our will and artists dealing in this technique can come up with amazing creation,this is art.

In the world of art, glassware has been used together with creative lighting and color to bring forth some amazing creations.

Since art is not restricted to age, it would be good to raise developing minds with active participation in art as there is a lot of good that comes from the connection. Arts and crafts has been proven to improve the coordination of your children brains with other features. Crafts for children such as curving ,pottery ,drawing of patterns and the like will give your child an easy time in mastering the use of their hands, fingers and palms efficiently and this translates in other personal activities such as showering and doing their shoe laces.

Involving your child in arts and craft will also create an added means for them to communicate out because they may not always be willing to speak. Its no shocker that sometimes a child may put walls and opt to be antisocial, on the brighter side, with creative use of fun art and craft activities the walls may just come down.

Its important for the young ones to learn how to process information around them and make use of it to come up with the best decisions available concerning their lives. We have witnessed what art can do and looking at how it diversifies with each dawn maybe it’s time we seriously learn how art will propel humanity to grater status.

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