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The Driz Group Introduces Cybersecurity Incident Management Plan Initiative


(Ontario, Canada) With only 38% of global organizations being prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack, new practices and efforts are needed to secure sensitive information. It only takes minutes for a single data breach to compromise an entire organization. In a response to these rather shocking statistics, The Driz Group has launched an initiative to help more companies acquire and implement an effective cybersecurity incident management plan.

According to Steve Driz, president of the The Driz Group, “We want to become the trusted partner for all compliance, cybersecurity, and information security needs. Our goal is to provide information, as well as cybersecurity consulting, along with fully managed infrastructure and web application protection services. Our management plans are ideal for organizations and businesses of all sizes.”

With the new cybersecurity incident management plan in place, companies have the tools and resources necessary to better mitigate the risks and recover faster from cybersecurity incidents. This helps reduce costs and better mitigate reputation damage, preventing catastrophic outcomes.

“If you think about the number of cybersecurity breaches that keep occurring, it is imperative that every organization has a complete incident management process. This should include a formal procedure and policy,” Driz added. “Most of the organizations are also going to need a formal management plan to satisfy either client or specific legislative requirements.”

Because too many organizations haven’t developed or implemented formal management plans to date, The Driz Group created a formal playbook to help ensure businesses could manage the process necessary to recover from any type of cybersecurity incident.

With the comprehensive incident management policy and procedure in place, businesses can demonstrate they are taking risk management seriously. Once the policy is in place, businesses can position themselves over their competition by exerting confidence, which can help them win more business. Organizations with this management plan in place can also avoid expensive fines if something were to happen and won’t be faulted as long as the documented process is in place and employees were familiar with it.

No individual or company owning digital assets is immune to cyber-attacks. The Driz Group has an entire process created to help prevent serious breaches and help businesses recover if they occur.


The staff at The Driz Group believes that employee education, strong and enforceable policies and a solid cybersecurity program along with detective and preventative controls at the key to success in all organizations trying to fight cybercrime. The company helps organizations of all sizes protect their sensitive data and minimize the potential of a breach.

UpWordPress Introduces Security Management Services


(Livonia, MI)— UpWordPress announced the introduction of their WordPress security management services. With an aim to help entrepreneurs find more time to focus on their business, the company is encouraging business owners to get proactive about protecting their online presence. More information about the service provided by the UpWordPress team is currently available on their website at

“For those who are not aware, there has been a marked increase in the number of both complex and brute force cyber attacks in recent years. In fact, every person has a 2 in 3 chance their data has already been stolen, and it is even more likely that it will be stolen again, even if they take precautions with secure passwords and two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, many of these attacks succeed by exploiting known vulnerabilities in the WordPress platform. What is even more unfortunate is that much of it can be prevented, but it takes a more comprehensive and proactive approach. This is where our services can help,” said Ed Sena of UpWordPress.

At UpWordPress provides a full suite of WordPress website management services that help business owners navigate the complexities of building and maintaining their online presence. Their team closely follows best practices when it comes to cyber security recommendations, using a combination of 24/7 monitoring software and their expert technical skills to help secure websites and online data from spam, malware, and hackers. Those who use UpWordPress’ services never worry about updating WordPress core or themes and plugins, and in the unlikely event their website gets hacked, their team promises to restore the site and online data within 2 business days.

Sena went on to say, “We understand that, for many business owners, their website is a major source of revenue, and having it hacked or compromised could affect their productivity and ultimately their bottom line. Our management services aim to provide them with the full support they need so they can have peace of mind in knowing that their online presence is secure. Simply put, we take complete care of their WordPress websites so they can focus on their business.”

Those who would like to learn more about UpWordPress or take advantage of their WordPress website management services can log on to for more information.

About UpWordPress:

UpWordPress we takes complete care of their clients’ WordPress websites so they can focus on their business. Their WordPress management services include unlimited small jobs, daily cloud backups, timely updates, SEO optimization, uptime monitoring, and proactive security that keeps websites and online data safe from spam, malware, or hackers. UpWordPress gives their clients the benefit of speaking to U.S.-based WordPress experts whenever needed so they can rest assured they will never face a website issue alone.

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