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Using Inksoft Integration Methods to Enhance Business Software

The web-based online designer and E commerce platform, known as Inksoft, is used by business owners in the industry of embellished products. Embroidery shops, digital printers, awards and trophy makers, screen printing businesses, and the manufacturers of promotional products use the service to sell custom products and apparel. Customers have the flexibility to upload images and logos, create different products to increase sales, and select displays to promote their businesses at trade shows and exhibits. The data is formatted in such a way that inksoft integration methods can be used to enhance business software targeted to the same industries.

By importing orders processed on inksoft into business management software, staff do not have to enter in all the customer information and data into the invoicing and scheduling programs. The task can be completed with a few clicks once both programs are opened. That eliminates the time and effort it normally takes to duplicate the data from one program to another. Business owners have to keep in mind the transition does not happen in real time, and does not happen automatically. It does have to be imported by staff at some point. That can be done as each order is received, or orders can be imported several at a time, depending on time available and business preferences. Connecting the creative platform with a managerial one provides added organizations and streamlining of procedures. Small businesses can operate more efficiently, increase production, and improve revenues.

The inksoft platform is only available online, but specialized business software may be available as an end product that owners purchase and license. Some products are offered as a service that is provided at a monthly subscription rate based on the numbers of users fir the business. Some products, such as OnSite, are available in both formats. That increases the customer base for the product. Large businesses with their own servers and networks can pay annual licensing fees and operate the software, while small businesses can save money by utilizing the software as a service. The dual options accommodates the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes. Compare software pricing, features, and formats to determine which products can be integrated with other services.