Laser Cutters: The One Tool All Artists and Craftspeople Need

Every type of craft requires a specific set of tools. Many crafters are learning the benefits of owning a hobby laser cutter. Scrapbook fans, miniaturists and artists of all types are discovering that a hobby laser enables them to take their projects to new heights. Anyone looking for a way to make their finished work more detailed and professional should learn more about what they can accomplish by having this tool in their arsenal.

  • Eliminate fatigue and aching hands. A laser makes it possible to slice through a variety of materials effortlessly.
  • Create ultra-sharp edges and detailed designs that are difficult to achieve with hand tools or a router.
  • Precise measurements in even the smallest details are possible.
  • Etching and engraving, not just cuts, are also created in perfect detail and to the exact depth.
  • Lasers easily create exact replicas for mass produced pieces.

Hobby lasers cut through wood, acrylic, and paper easily as well as many other materials. They can engrave images on metal or wood and etch intricate designs into the most delicate pieces of glass. Hand-drawn artwork and printed designs are easy to program into hobby lasers for an exact reproduction. Some models even offer their own design software and connect wirelessly to any computer. There are models that make it possible for the user to etch onto curved objects as well as flat surfaces and lasers that are designed to work with any sized project from jewelry to door-sized panels.

Interested buyers must take the time to research what is available in order to determine the best brand and size of hobby laser for the type of projects they want to create. There are many versions on the market today and they are not all equal. What works best for scrapbook enthusiasts may not provide the features necessary for a sculptural artist or woodworker. Read online reviews and talk to other artists and craftspeople for recommendations. Most people find it useful to begin by searching for the model rated best for their medium and then select the option that fits their budget. The prices range greatly too depending on the features, size and brand and can run anywhere from $300-$8,000 or more.