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What is 3M?

To begin with,3M is an interesting name. To make it sound more interesting, it is a name given to a company. Formerly, 3M had another name. It was referred to as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. This company is a corporation of various countries. This does not deny the fact that it is an American company. The current location of 3M is in a town in the US known as Maplewood. In the month of June 1902, 3M was established. This can be equated to the survival of this company being 115 years.

This concludes that this company must be making a lot of profit to survive all these years. Actually, this firms employs 90,000 workers from all over the world. The employees work tirelessly in various sectors to produce and make sales worth 30 billion dollars every year. But a great profit has to come from a great input. It starts from the CEO coming down all the way to the staff.

Across the years, this firm has manifested to be great. Apart from that, this firm produces over 50000 products each year. The commodities produced by 3M are differentiated from each other at production level all the way down to the final product. In addition, this company does not only specialize in a single product but a variety of commodities. Some of the commodities that 3M company makes range from electronic materials, car care products, wax, dental products, car shampoo, abrasives and adhesives. Having established various distribution outlets across the world, 3M sales turn out to be great. There also exist retailers who supply these goods to consumers. However, a customer willing to deal directly with 3M uses the online platform.

At a state called Minnesota, 3M was founded under five business men. The primary objective of establishing 3M was to mine corundum. Their plan hit the wall after close deliberation and even experimentation. This is due to the fact that, this activity proved to be non-economical. After some time, the company shifted to a place called Duluth. While there, extensive research on sandpaper was done. Thereafter, the establishers saw the need to produce and trade sand paper. Before 1916 ended, a number of executives joined the company and 3M stabilized.

Throughout the years, the company is proud to have improved in the sectors of research, innovations and inventions of different commodities. For instance, in 1921, the company invented a waterproof sandpaper. 3M started producing a special type of acid referred to as perfluorooctanoic in 1947. Since 3M is a multinational company, its operations were expanded in countries such as Australia, Germany and Canada. At this time, it was in the year 1950. Currently, 3M is one of the greatest company existing globally.

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