Bead E – Pro player Electronic Drums Assessment

I recently had the opportunity to demo the innovative Pearl e-Pro electronic digital drums and nevertheless, I am/was a giant Roland V-drums fan – I have to say, I are impressed!


That kit looks terrific, like a adequate Pearl accoustic product would. In fact you would probably never say it’s electronic and soon you get behind the drums to check out the skins.
Adequate size snare together with toms. This can be a huge benefit above the the Roland V-drums whenever you feel more comfortable when experimenting the kit of course, if your electronic kit is solely for practice, this kit might ensure a more detailed feel of what it’s visiting feel like as soon as you get behind that accoustic kit. I’ve noticed breaks which were so simple to play relating to the V-drums but when you’re allowed play them relating to the accoustic – that toms are further apart making a huge change
In my viewpoint, the feel provides improvement over Roland’s mesh protects. Mesh pads are a touch too bouncy and un-realistic and I notice that Pearl has really used that as possibility to create a unique feature. I understand, in regards to feel – several “strokes” for several folks but I’m surely liking it. I sometimes sense that I’m going to help bust my nylon uppers snare head even though I felt really comfortable behind that e-pro – that Tru-Trac drumheads feel even more solid.
At any sort of point, you have the choice of changing oh no- normal drumheads also, you have an accoustic product


Moving this kit around don’t be as easy as being the Roland V-drums. The e-Pro is really as big and heavy for a normal accoustic kit and I might imagine much even more delicate. If you must use a kit to be going out – I indicate Roland V-drums


The Pearl fellow was raving regarding the sounds however As i didn’t think the typical sounds were the only thing that impressive vs. Roland. NEVERTHELESS REMEMBER, the module with Pearl Redboxboth percussion have midi in/out therefore, the world of looks are endless. You could probably get all of your current Roland sounds relating to the Pearl e-Pro together with vice versa to make sure that sales talk approximately sounds shouldn’t switch you
You are tied to colours with that e-Pro but heya, this is even more than Roland offers

In my opinion… it’s an awesome advancement by Pearl and it is worth the money you will be paying for the idea.

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