Three Popular Applications For Industrial Wire Mesh

Metal is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of goods, due in part to its reliability and longevity. One item that has seen an increase in usage is wire mesh, as it can be used in a variety of applications, as it is light weight and durable in addition to being affordable. While there are many ways to use a mesh type material, the following are the most popular ways and how it can add style and safety to a variety of projects.

Stair Railings

The easiest way to give any space a modern or industrial appearance is to replace any existing railings with a mesh system, as it provides a clean appearance while allowing the sun to stream into an area unobstructed. Another reason it is popular for stair railings is for its durability, as it won’t easily wear down or fail when subjected to extreme weight. Home and business owners are choosing to upgrade their space by swapping out cumbersome and outdated railings with metal systems.

Construction Sites

Metal mesh can help keep a construction site safe by preventing a person from falling off equipment and allowing a company to separate spaces to help to avoid unauthorized entry. This can reduce the amount of personal injury and reduce a company’s liability while adding an industrial look that will keep a construction site looking clean and organized.

Concrete Stabilizer

Concrete is a hard material, but many construction companies choose to use mesh to add additional stabilization qualities to concrete. Most will lay the wire mesh first, and then pour concrete over the top, which will enable it to stand up to additional weight and prevent the concrete from breaking down during use. Any structure can be more stable by utilizing a mesh material during the pouring of concrete.

The extensive uses of mesh make it perfect for a wide array of applications, as it is affordable and known for being durable. Banker Wire is a leading manufacturer of quality mesh products and can help design custom mesh pieces for any use. Be sure to read this article to learn more, and see why more companies are using it make completing projects of all types easier and more cost effective.