Industry Specific Piracy Protection Programs

The internet provides a global reach for creative processes and people. It also presents several ways to infringe on that creativity and original work. Re-seller links, for example, are used to sell online courses at discounted pricing. The course is stolen and sold to customers who have no idea they are encouraging copyright infringement.

That decreases the revenues of the person who created the course and is selling it on a website. The same is true of e books, photographs, original music, films or videos, trading sites, and even information found on law firm websites. The solution is copyright enforcement via piracy protection.

What is DMCA?

Copyright laws were established to protect original works, product ideas, and research before the internet existed. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that applies to the internet. It was passed in 1998 and indicates the re-production or dissemination of products or services presented on the internet without expressed permission is illegal.

When an infringement is discovered, a request for a DMCA take-down is made. The criminal has to remove the link or site immediately to avoid being sued, imprisonment, or both. The DMCA includes several sections to protect specific information.

Why Piracy Protection is Wise

A major problem with piracy sites is that many are launched from other countries and are difficult to track down. The person who owns the intellectual property may not even know the site or link exists. Even if the source is found and taken down, there is nothing to prevent criminals from waiting a short period of time and launching another site with the same information.

Revenues are lost and damage is done by the time a link is detected, if it is detected. Piracy protection from an experienced company can drastically reduce the vulnerability of information. Companies will also monitor and remove illegal links and sites.

Industry Specific Protection

The most vulnerable industries effected by infringements include film and video production, WordPress website development, trading or forex vendors, writing and publishing, music production, and law firms. Photographers and information product creators are also targeted.

An innovative enforcer protection platform has been developed that is strategic, fast, and effective. The platform identifies infringements that many other companies overlook. Links and websites are removed at the source, rather than just removed at the search engine level. Services are customized to suit unique needs of the client.